Out 05/21/21

Debut Single  Beneficiary

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Kahveh’s sound is celebration in action. Their music calls us into community and breathless joy, and in doing so creates a kinetic sanctum for healing the self.
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Beneficiary / Kahveh

Beneficiary, the debut lead single to their upcoming EP, Inhibitions, is an ethereal, synthpop bop layered with lush and moody synths over a driving disco beat. Over these 80's inspired instrumentals, Kāhveh's raw, emotional vocals, surrounded by a swell of harmonies, leads the listener through a journey of forgiveness, growth and healing after a bitter end to a friendship. It tells the story of their lived experience, and carries the deep understanding that came with it. Persevering with empathy is necessary to healing conflict. It’s easier to forgive than to hold on.